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Kirloskar - Electric : DC Motor

Kirloskar Electric forms its fabled stable of DC Motors have put into international use more than 0.1 million motors since 1969. The wide product range in capacity and variety satisfies the needs of a multitude of applications. The Industrial Laminated Yoke range starting from frame 80 to 1250 with outputs of 0.75 to 3250 kW caters to the industry requirement of torques up to 200 kNm. The rugged and reliable higher range of motors are specifically designed for exacting duties in a hot and cold metal rolling mill drive, the sticky rubber mixer drive and continues duty cement kiln drive. These products come from an in house developed technology based on the best of world class international design and manufacturing concepts.

Kirloskar Electric has a history of excelling in special application and customization. It is this spirit that saw us develop complete electric for 5 & 10 cubic meter Electric Shovels for coal mines. Today, there are more than 150 Electric Rope working in Indian coal mines, completely powered by Kirloskar Electrics. India 's premier aircraft manufacturing facility in Bangalore houses one of the world's few high power and outdoor duty vertical DC motors, for helicopter blade load testing made by Kirloskar.

Continuing our efforts in supplying clean & efficient motive power to the environment friendly electric material handling equipment, it is only natural that KEC moves on to electric passenger vehicles. The prestigious CERN Super Particle Accelerator project in Geneva uses Kirloskar Electric Super Conducting DC Corrector Magnets in very large numbers. This is a high precision product of extreme reliability and has to work in a cryogenic environment.

Kirloskar - Electric : DC Motor

The constant pursuit of newer applications has pushed KEC to enter space applications. Our space duty Brush less DC Servo Motors will provide the Rocket Nozzle control force in Indian space launch vehicle for the future.

The fully equipped and highly quality manufacturing facility backed by a strong force of dedicated and skilled design, marketing and service team with a focus on quality brings in great levels of reliability to the product that is trusted in India and abroad.

Industries:Cement, Sugar, Rubber, Plastic, Steel, Textile, Paper, Printing.

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