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Enabling us to provide total and integrated solutions is our wide product range which caters to every market - household, commercial, institutional, industrial and public water supplies - urban and rural.

Applied Ion Exchange Purification of glucose, dextrose, sorbitol, formaldehyde solution, recovery of vitamin C and tartaric acid
Arsenic Removal Units For potable water
Boiler Water Chemicals Corrosion Inhibitors, Sludge Conditioners
Cooling Water Chemicals Biocides, Antiscalants, Descalants, Corrosion Inhibitors
Condensate Polishers Deep Bed
Chemical Dosers Metering Pumps , Differential Pressure Operated Systems
Clarifiers Lamella, High/Ultra High Rate Solids Contact
Desalination Systems For Brackish, Sea Water and Waste Water
Deionisers Downflow, Upflow, Counterflow and Splitflow, Two Bed, Three Bed, Four Bed and Mixed Bed
Dealkalisers Weak Acid Cation, Split Stream
Degassers Atmospheric, Vacuum
Deaerators Spray, Spray-cum-tray , Vacuum
Defoamers For cooling water and boilers
Dip Slides For bacterial count in cooling water, food, beverages and pharmaceuticals
Drinking Water Purifiers Portable, on-tap, on-line, table top, under-the-counter and storage type
Filters Pressure Sand, Multigrade, Multimedia, Upflow, Activated Carbon and Continuous Sand
Fluoride Removal Units For potable water - point-of-use, handpump & power pump attachments, community systems
Iron Removal Units For industrial and potable water (point-of-use, handpump attachments, community systems)
Ion Exchange Resins A wide range of cationic and anionic exchangers - gel, isoporous, macroporous, catalyst and pharmaceutical grade, adsorbent, chelating resins
Membranes  A wide range of membranes and membrane processes for fluid purification and recovery separation
Membrane Separation Systems Micro, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis
Arsenic Removal Units For potable water - handpump attachments, community systems
Nitrate Removal Units For potable water - handpump attachments, community systems
Oxidising Agents Electrochlorinators for on-site generation of chlorine from brine and ozonators for treatment of drinking water, swimming pools, cooling water and waste water
Oil Removal Systems Ultrafiltration, Coalescers, Drum Skimmers, Polymers, Activated Carbon
Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants For hotels, hospitals, institutions and residential complexes
Paper Process Chemicals Dry strength additive, retention & drainage aids, waste water treatment , defoamers, de-inking chemicals, disperants, slimicides, etc.
Polyelectrolytes Flocculants for water and waste water treatment, mineral processing, paper, sugar and other industries.
Reverse Osmosis Chemicals Antiscalants & Cleaners
Softeners Cold Lime and Base Exchange
Selectively Adapted Bacterial Cultures In effluent treatment for removal of cyanide, phenols, oil and grease and increased efficiencies of BOD removal
Solvent Recovery System Based on Activated Carbon
Sugar Process Chemicals  Biocides for mill sanitation chemicals, bagasse pol reducers, flocculants for juice clarification, polymeric scale inhibitors,viscosity reducers, speciality ion exchangers and adsorbents,boiler water treatment chemicals etc.
Surfactants For cooling water and evaporators
Test Kits For analysis of water and waste water
Water Quality
Monitoring Instruments

pH/ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, ammonia.

Water Stations Drinking water vending machines
Waste Water Treatment & Water Recycle Systems For industry, institutions and residential complexes, using physical, chemical, biological and membrane separation processes.

Ion Exchange Resin
Ion Exchange Resin
Lamella Clarifier
Lamella Clarifier
Demineralisation Plant
Ion Exchange Demineralisation Plant
Water Treatment
Boiler Water Treatment
Control Panel
Demineralization Plant Control Panel
Cooling Water Treatment
Cooling Water Treatment
Mixed Bed Unit
Mixed Bed Unit
Packed Plants
Packaged Plants
Condensate Polishers
Condensate Polishers
Sand Filters
Pressure Sand Filters
Vaccum Deaerator
Vacuum Deaerator
Reverse Osmosis Plant
Reverse Osmosis Plant
Reverse Osmosis Membranes
Monitoring Instruments
Water Quality Monitoring Instruments
Water Purifiers
Zero-B - Domestic Water Purifiers
Zero-B - Ultimate reverse osmosis (RO) purifier
Water Softeniser
Domestic Water Softenizer
Air Pollution Control Collision Scrubber, Scrubber, Biofilter, Regenerative Catalytic Oxidiser (ROC), Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser (RTO), Multifluid Thermal Oxidiser, Mist Eliminator, Mist Scrubber
Solid Waste Horizontal Disk Dryer, Dryer-Granulator, Multifluid Thermal, Oxidise, Grate, Rotary Furnace, Fluidised Bed Reactor
Renewable Energy

Anaerobic Systems, Horizontal Disk Dryer, Dryer-Granulator

Municipal solid waste to energy
Dryer Granulator

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