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Ion Exchange India provides industry with total water management - from pretreatment, through process water/liquid and waste water treatment, to water recycle and recovery of valuable byproducts for reuse in process. Total solutions address environmental concerns of customers by incorporating water conservation, pollution control, energy saving and reduced chemical consumption. Comprehensive services, including O&M and BOO/T contracts, deliver end benefit conveniently and economically, with single-point responsibility.

We have more than 40,000 installations worldwide - packaged, pre-engineered and custom built, of which over 500 are at thermal and nuclear power stations, fertilizer factories, refineries, petrochemical and other core sector industries. Our plants, ion exchange resins and water treatment chemicals are exported to South East Asia, Japan, Europe, Africa, Egypt, the Middle East, USA and UK, as well as to the neighboring countries of Bangladesh, Nepal, Mauritius and Sri Lanka.

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