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AUMA India Gear Boxes combine with AUMA India Actuators to complete the valve control service. There are basically three types of Gear Boxes:

  • Worm Gear Boxes - GF & GS Series
  • Bevel Gear Boxes - GK Series
  • Spur Gear Boxes - GST Series
All Gear Boxes are manufactured to comply with AUMA Germany specifications. The housings are designed for high rigidity to absorb high torsional and thrust loads. The Gear Box enclosure conforms to IP 67 class. IP 68 enclosures can also be supplied on request. All Gear Boxes are lubricated with special grease for life.


GS 40 - GS 500
AUMA India GS type Gear Boxes are designed for rotation upto 135O with end stop or 360O operation of Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Plug Valves, Dampers etc. The extremely rugged construction features positive adjustable end stop on input shaft for precise valve positioning.

The Gear Boxes are designed for output torque from 300 Nm (GS 40) to 250,000 Nm (GS 500) for motor operation. The main features of GS Gear Boxes are:

  • Full 360O worm wheel design, making the Gear Box suitable either for multiturn or quarter turn operation.

In case of quarter turn operation, additional three segments are available for repositioning, thus extending the life of worm wheel by three times.

  • A separate coupling with involute splines is provided for coupling to the valve. The coupling is removable for machining the bore to suit valve shaft. The orientation of the Gear Box while mounting on valve is made simple due to involute splines on the coupling.
  • Unique design of end stoppers on input shaft with screws and nut mechanism allows precise and positive setting upto 135 operation.
  • Each Gear Box is designed for use with Actuator to facilitate economical automation of valves.
  • To reduce the input torque, for a given output of Worm Gear Box, a primary reduction Gear Box can be easily attached at input of the Gear Boxes. For this purpose, GS 100 & GS 125 Gear Boxes are fitted with planetary reduction Gear Box (VZ4) and higher series are fitted with Spur Reduction Gear Boxes (GZ) of various ratios. This feature enables selection of smaller actuators for economical sizing.


TYPE GF 40 - GF 250
GF Series of Gear Boxes are specially used for actuation of Dampers and Fly Valves which require quarter turn applications.

The gear operator is a worm Gear Box of GS Series with a built-in floor stand and a crank lever. The crank lever is provided with a number of mounting ball and socket joints at varying moment arms to suit given damper/valve application. All other features of GF series are same as GS Gear Boxes. GF Gear Boxes in sizes higher than GF 250 can be supplied on request.

GF Series Gear Boxes can also be coupled to primary reduction Gear Boxes and also to AUMA India Actuators to obtain ON-OFF Control or regulating duty.


TYPE GK 10-GK 35
Bevel Gear Boxes are designed to operate all types of rising or non-rising stem valves and gate valves where thrust may or may not be taken by the Gear Box. The bore of the output bevel gear allows valve stem to pass through it to reach its full travel.

GK bevel Gear Boxes are available for wide range of torque and thrust load capacity ranging from 120 Nm torque x 60 KN thrust (GK 10) to 8000 Nm torque x 820 KN thrust (GK 35).

Various types of output drives (Type A to Type E) are available, depending upon application.

GK Gear Boxes are designed considering power operation and are easily adapted to Actuators, thus enabling small actuators to be economically sized for operation of large valves.


TYPE GST 12 - GST 1600
GST range of spur Gear Boxes are designed for operation of rotating stem valves. They can be combined with Actuators or can be easily operated by hand wheels. GST Gear Boxes can be easily adapted for Globe, Angle and Non return valves. They produce an output torque of 120 Nm (GST 12) to 16000 Nm (GST 1600).


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