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Open Close Duty
The characteristic feature of this actuator is open loop. The normal valve positions in OPEN-CLOSE Duty are end positions OPEN and CLOSED. After receiving command, the actuator operates the valve to one of the end positions or if necessary to a preset intermediate position. The valves are operated relatively seldom, the time intervals can span between a few minutes to several months.


Regulating / Modulating Duty
The characteristic feature of this actuator is closed loop in which input command signal to actuator is directly influenced by the flow through the valve. Regulating / Modulating duty actuator SAR operates between two set bands between open-close positions depending upon actual valve position and feedback signal. The motors of these actuators are rated for intermittent duty S4-25%. The mechanical components and motor are designed to withstand a large number of operations required for modulating applications.

  • Description of Regulating Duty
    Auma actuators of type SAR are suitable for Regulating duty / Modulating duty. SAR actuator operates between two set bands in closed loop and the motor is started, stopped & reversed at short intervals to correct the deviation from the set value. SAR actuators differ from SA actuators in several respects :

    • 4 pole motors are used to reduce overshoot
    • Worm with high quality finish on flanks for better efficiency
    • Disc springs on worm shaft are pre compressed to reduce dead band when reversing.

  • While selecting Auma actuators for regulating duty applications, following points should be noted :

    • Max. No. of starts 1200 cycles / hour with motor power upto 0.55 kW & 600 cycles / hour with motor power above 0.55 kW.
    • Output speed of actuator max. 45 rpm.
    • Torque for regulating duty should not exceed 50% of max. torque of actuator.
    • Max. torque of actuator can be used for seating & unseating of the valve.
    • For reversing service, duration of impulse should be minimum of 50 ms.
    • Electronic position transducer or precision potentiometer should be used for remote position indication.
    • The motor should be short time duty class S4 - 25%.

Auma Norm Actuators
This actuator offers a complete actuator type SA with electric motor, torque switch for open - close direction, limit switches for both end positions & blinker switch for running indication. The required reversing contactor should be installed separately & wired to the motor. For signalization of the switching and to trip the contactors over micro switches, control wires are required from actuator terminal compartment cover to reversing contactor installed separately.


AUMA Integral Starter Actuators
The purpose of offering Integral motor controls for the actuator is to enable the customer to save high installation costs for external controls. Actuators with integral controls include control & switching elements and are supplied All electrical components such as limit, torque, thermo switches, all monitoring elements & position transmitter are integrated into modern controls.This results in following simplification. ready for use.

  • No extensive wiring in the external control cabinet.
  • Several actuators can be connected to common actuator.
  • Actuator signals are processed in the controls, only feed back to process control system is necessary.
  • Integral starter housing can be easily exchanged due to multi pin plug connector between actuator & integral starter unit.
  • Actuator can be operated from Local or Remote position by means of selector switch on integral starter unit.

Auma Compact
This is a simpler version of Integral Starter Unit with selector switch & push buttons. The selector switch has 3 positions :

  • LOCAL : The actuator can be operated locally i.e. at the actuator by push buttons OPEN-OFF-CLOSE. The running direction is indicated by LED's.
  • REMOTE : The actuator can be operated from remote control station. The running direction is indicated by LED's on the actuator.
  • OFF : The actuator cannot be operated with local controls or from remote.
The selector switch can be locked in any position with pad lock. The compact unit is completely wired with reversing contactors and no additional control box is required.

Auma compact is available as Norm or Regulating duty actuator. Depending upon Norm or Regulating duty, following features / optionals are available :
  • Reversing contactors
  • Selector switch
  • Push buttons & indicating lamps
  • Thermal overload relay
  • Power supply unit PS01 for 24 V DC output
  • Electronic positioner CU01
  • Electronic position transducer RWG / IWG
  • Phase discriminator
  • Signal isolator
  • DC relay for remote operation
  • Remote annunciation relay for supply indication
Multi pin connector can be provided between actuator and compact and between compact & terminals for customer connections.

Auma e-pac
The electronic version of Auma India Integral Starter e-pac incorporates sophisticated electronic controls with field programming feature. E-pac is modular in construction and consists of Power Supply Module, Relay Module & Programmable Control Module.

  • Power Supply Module consists of
    • 24 V DC, 150 mA source
    • Reversing contactors electrically and mechanically interlocked
    • Selector switch LOCAL-OFF-REMOTE, lockable & potential free contacts for local off & remote
    • Push buttons OPEN-STOP-CLOSE for local controls
    • Single phase supply for space heater 10W
  • Relay Module consists of
    • Monitor relay for collective fault signals (Thermo switch trip, torque switch trip in mid travel) with potential free contacts
    • Local status annunciation (Green) & fault annunciation (Red) by LED's
  • Programmable Control Logic Module consists of
    • Inching & Non-inching in local mode by dip switches
    • Inching & Non-inching in remote mode by dip switches
    • Limit switch seating or Torque seating by dip switches
Wide varieties of versions of e-pac & optional features make the actuator controls adaptable to any field situation. Versions & optionals available are :
  • Emergency shut down (ESD)
  • 2 wire make-break
  • Timer board to run the actuator in ON-OFF steps
  • Open-Close inhibit
  • Negative switching
  • Remote control & local stop
  • Electronic positioner for regulating duty, with or without isolator
  • Single phase protection
  • Automatic phase correction
  • Remote annunciation relays
  • Thermal overload relay
  • Positioner with PID features
  • Wall mountable e-pac

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